Melinda was raised in a home of music and art. Her mother a sculptor and her father a musician, Melinda inherited her parents' talents and viewed the world through the eyes of an artist.  As with many young ladies, the obsession with hair styles and hair cuts was a right of passage.

However, it was clearly evident to Mr. and Mrs. Spence that their little lady’s  interest in hair was more than just an obsession it was an art, her art.

September 1998, recently graduated from the renowned Ogle School of Hair Design, Melinda began her  one year apprenticeship and tenure at a nationally recognized and prestigious salon.

August 2001, with her apprenticeship complete and "real world" experience  under her  belt Melinda found a home at a small boutique salon.  As her “art” developed Melinda aspired for an environment that would allow for her  ideas and  entrepreneurial spirit to grow.  Fate would prove successful.

March 2004, Melinda was invited to join the team at Salon at Vaught House as an independent hair stylist.  There, Melinda was surrounded by talented hair stylists with an  entrepreneurial spirit.

December 2007, After years of requests from clients,  Melinda entered and completed the Hairdreams Hair Extensions Certification Program.  Melinda chose the internationally renowned  Hairdreams Co. for their quality and extensive training program.

Present Day, Melinda continues to enjoy her home at Salon at Vaught House.  A wife and mother of three beautiful children, Melinda strives to grow each and every day as mother, wife, and artist.

Special thanks to my amazing husband for creating me such a wonderful website.

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